"For me, because I'm worth it. 
And for you,
because I want to make the world a little bit more beautiful."
Gundi Gaschler

Gundi Gaschler

Gundi Gaschler, born 1967.

Almost 25 years ago, I married my husband Frank. We are blessed with two daughters. They are my best teachers. What a gift.

When I read the book by Marshall Rosenberg in 2004, I felt like coming home. Everything sounded so true to me. It kindled a fire in me, and I managed to get Frank excited about it Nonviolent Communication (NVC) too. So, we set off together on the path of learning and very quickly also of passing it on. For many years we were a team of trainers, mainly in the area of parent-child work. Together we developed the project ÔÇťThe Giraffe`s Dream" for the introduction of non-violent communication in kindergartens. It was published in our book "I want to understand what you really need" by the K├Âsel-Verlag.

My second book "Mr. Rosenberg and the coffee cup" (BoD-Verlag) is about my personal experiences on my NVC path. Experiences that touched my heart and nourished my soul. Experiences I made in seminars, mainly in role plays, but also in my "real" life including my family.

In the last two years I invited people I met to share small and big experienced miracles with me. Simply magical. I wrote them down in German in the book "Magische Erlebnisse " (BoD-Verlag). Translation into English might follow.