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From December 01st till 21st I will read every evening from 17.30 to 18:15 CET  one story of my book Mr. Rosenberg and the coffee cup. If you want to join, write an email to or watch the videos below

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Paperback - ISBN-13: 9783751973731
E-Book - ISBN-13: 9783752675863

Publisher: Books on Demand

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More more more of Gundi's books, which are so true and so touching!
Wonderful to give to yourself and others!

Hannah Hartenberg

Gundi's magical stories have made me look through a window into another world - a world of wonders and angels. Easy to read, deeply touching, sometimes funny and sometimes sad, these little soul trips always brighten my day. As a little companion I can recommend this book from my heart.
Bruni Kattesch

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